Randy Seidl

CEO at Revenue Acceleration,

Top Talent Recruiting

Short Biography

Randy Seidl, CEO

SALES COMMUNITY, Revenue Acceleration, and Top Talent Recruiting

Randy Seidl is known for having a unique ability to scale emerging growth and Fortune 500 technology companies. Randy helps companies and individuals grow. He is known for his unique ability to scale emerging growth and Fortune 500 technology companies as well as individual’s careers. He is most active now serving on Boards, advising, consulting, recruiting, investing, and helping others. Throughout his career, Seidl has served in a variety of executive roles for industry-leading organizations including Hewlett Packard, Sun Microsystems, EMC (where he was employee #33), and startups.
Randy’s COVID moment led to his launch of SALES COMMUNITY in 2020 as the home of the CRO (or anyone aspiring to be a CRO). In 2013, Randy founded Revenue Acceleration to help tech companies accelerate revenue growth and connect executives in the industry by leveraging his strategic and tactical go-to-market experience and relationships. Due to the growing demand for vetted high performing top talent, he also founded Top Talent Recruiting in 2016, a boutique retainer recruiting business. He is currently a Director at Ondas Networks NASDAQ: ONDS), ISG, and Data Dynamics. Besides investing in 25+ Private Equity and Venture Capital funds, he also has a portfolio of 65+ private company investments, and is a consultant/advisor to 10+ companies. Randy co-authored Your Go To Sales Advisor in 2021, to help sales professionals reach a higher level of mastery.
He is an active alum of Boston College, supporter of groups including Mass Mentoring, St. Sebastian's, Harvard/Duke/Alabama baseball, sports enthusiast (Boston teams, Beaver Creek skiing, golf, tennis, rugby, and pickleball), and very much enjoys his family and giving back.​