Randy Seidl

CEO at Revenue Acceleration,

Top Talent Recruiting

Want to hire vetted top talent, faster, at a fair cost? Better talent, faster and lower cost than the expensive big firms!!

Top Talent Recruiting has a great boutique team to serve you. We help clients hire top talent faster, at a fair cost, typically knowing candidates well first hand or highly recommended second hand. We leverage our powerful network of colleagues, friends, and thousands of professionals who have worked under and worked with Randy (at start ups to the biggest/best tech companies and his impressive “friends” network) ranging from individual contributors to senior executives.

We primarily focus go to market roles (sales, pre and post sales, channel, marketing), from individual contributor up to senior executives. Also can help with diverse Board members. We are uniquely qualified, different, and better than others because:
1) No other recruiters/agencies have the benefit of having global executive roles with thousands of go to market, operations, HR, and finance high performers (individual contributors to executives/Board members) working for them at large and small companies over the past 37 years, and keeping up with these mutually respectful relationships. Randy can also leverage www.salescommunity.com and his 470+ Advisory Board members. Additional information on Randy’s relationships, bio, and advisory/consulting/Board services offered can be seen at www.revenue-acceleration.com.

2) Randy is a very active in the industry as an investor (65+ private companies and 25+ private equity and venture capital funds), advisor/consultant to 10+ clients, and as a public and private Board member.

3) We maintain an ongoing applicant tracking system pipeline of top talent at all experience levels, mostly from referrals and the relationships of our team, with top talent typically not looking or on the market. As an aside, fortunately our kids friends and friends of friends (with 1-10 years experience) working are a great top talent pool too for more junior roles.

4) Because of our relationships, most candidates get vetted on the front end, allowing clients the confidence of knowing we only recruit exceptional, high quality candidates. As requested, often after the first interview, we can do reference checks with people Randy knows first hand. Unfortunately, too often other recruiters don’t do reference checks until the end of the process, not something we recommend.

5) We never do reference checks with strangers, only friends, colleagues, customers, partners, vendors, and leadership we know first hand, so we can get the real and confidential feedback promptly. Doing reference checks on your own with people you don’t know is almost useless and definitely not as worthwhile as doing reference checks with Randy’s first hand relationships.

6) We typically provide great candidates within the first 2 weeks of engagement.

7) We have our own unique hiring criteria and process to summarize critical information on candidates and customize this information with our client’s search criteria/profile needs. We can also assist in the time consuming process needed scheduling calls/meetings that usually delays hiring and hurts the candidate experience.

8) We can effectively coach candidates and clients negotiating through a quick win/win offer process in this very competitive market, making sure candidates don't succumb to counter offers (or other competing offers) and help with ongoing coaching giving/getting feedback once they start working during the critical first 60 days.

9) Our agreements are easy and flexible, aligning to client needs for a lower cost (but very effective compared to the larger and slower firms) retained search.

Look forward to helping you recruit top talent. Please let us know.